Background Music


Millions of tracks

Virtual Jukebox is a leading background music service that puts millions of tracks at your (and your customers’) fingertips. Encompassing all popular genres, it’s backed by what is among the most comprehensive music libraries in the world, containing every chart hit EVER, from the obscure to the unforgettable.

The service is automatically updated weekly to offer the freshest sounds as well as golden oldies, with 10,000 new songs added on average every month. As tracks are encoded at a high quality (way above the industry norm), the Virtual Jukebox provides richer audio quality as well as track diversity.

Complete remote control

Virtual Jukebox is controlled remotely via your PC’s browser – there’s no software to install. It can support multiple users and even multiple venues from any location.

Manage playlists at genre, artist or track level, combine with self-updating playlists (such as the current chart), and use the built-in time and day scheduling to create just the right atmosphere for any occasion.

You can even block inappropriate tracks or explicit lyrics if, for instance, you don’t want Iron Maiden’s “Bring your daughter to the slaughter” accidentally playing at a birthday party!


Robust hardware

Virtual Jukebox is powered by robust hardware. Designed for simple installation, the Virtual Jukebox simply plugs into your existing sound system using standard RCA audio connectors (provided) and links directly to your broadband router to gain internet access.

Based on solid state technology, the Virtual Jukebox itself has no moving parts, so the hardware will provide a lifetime of reliable service, maintenance-free.

" Virtual Jukebox gets the punters talking about MY venue. I would recommend this service to anyone wanting to offer a jukebox service that is completely unique! "

Dan Simpson, Pub Landlord.
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Interactive Music


Mobile engagement

There’s nothing like a jukebox to provide the soundtrack to a memorable night out – and increase customer dwell-time, of course. Virtual Jukebox allows customers to control the music via their smart phone – emulating the much-loved format of the traditional jukebox without the need for coins (or the occasional thump).

There’s no need to download an app: customers access the intuitive, fast-loading interface by scanning a QR code or sending a text message – fool-proof even after a few sherbets.

They can search for their favourite songs from the exhaustive library in just a few taps, as well as see what’s on, recently played and up next.

Marketing at your fingertips

Because we capture data from everyone who uses the service, Virtual Jukebox can actively support your direct marketing strategy. Broadcast SMS messages to your customers in a matter of seconds – ideal for drawing their attention to special events or promotional offers.

Customers can choose to unsubscribe at any time (although typically less than 2% do) so Virtual Jukebox is a proven, effective and inexpensive way of enticing more people through your door, more often.


Earn revenue from requests

If you’re looking for an attractive new revenue stream or simply want to increase your jukebox takings, Virtual Jukebox offers an innovative, industry-leading pay-per-play option.

By setting your own price points, customers can buy credits via their smart phones using the latest secure mobile payment technology – either by charging their usage directly to their phone bill or via their PayPal account.

You get to keep 100% of the money received from the payment gateway, which is credited straight to your account – no need for time-consuming cash collections.

" Every now and again, you come across something that just makes you stop and think: "How clever is that?". The bottom line is... ideas like this make my day. "

David Murphy, Mobile Marketing Magazine.
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What’s Included

Three straightforward packages; background music with all the bells and whistles, to fully interactive music with or without revenue generation.

  • Background Music

    • Unlimited music
    • Weekly updates
    • Online control panel
    • Playlist management
    • Predefined channels
    • Playlist scheduling
    • 24h support
  • Plans and Pricing
  • Interactive Music

    • Mobile jukebox interface
    • Works on all smartphones
    • Block unwanted tracks
    • Suggested tracks
    • Your own SMS keyword
    • SMS marketing
  • Plans and Pricing
  • Pay-per-play

    • Multiple price points
    • Payment by PayPal
    • Jump the queue
    • 100% net pay-out
  • Plans and Pricing
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Plans and Pricing